The George Hilton Panorama of Hong Kong

Circa 1904


Western Harbour


This "feature print" shows the western side of Hong Kong. In the centre of this print beneath the dense mass of buildings lies Possession Point where the first Royal Navy sailors landed in Hong Kong. At the bottom left of the print lies the white exterior of St. Joseph’s church built in 1863. Now surrounded by a series of by flyovers linking Garden Road with Cotton Tree Drive. Above hidden in the trees is the rebuilt Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the first Roman Catholic Cathedral in Hong Kong built in 1843 and destroyed in a fire in 1959. The "new" Cathedral was designed by Crawlwey and Company of London and was built in 1883.

Government House situated to the east of St. Joseph’s Church was the home to the British Governor of Hong Kong was designed by Charles St George Cleverly in 1851; it took four years to build after Hong Kong was declared a British colony.

St. John’s Cathedral was the tallest building in Hong Kong when built in 1847 and still stands today alongside Garden Road being clearly visible on "goggle earth". Queen’s road Central, built by The Royal Engineers was dedicated to Queen Victoria of England in 1842. Spanning across Victoria City from Shek Tong Tsui to Wan Chai, the "feature print" marks the original shoreline of Hong Kong Island before any land reclamation projects began.

The video below pans across this amazing feature print from the Hong Kong Panorama showing the vast amount of detail which just can’t be seen on the preview picture.

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