The George Hilton Panorama of Hong Kong

Circa 1904


Eastern Harbour


This "feature print" shows the natural coastline of East Hong Kong and Kowloon, at the very right lies East Point. This cape on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island was a headland that extended from Jardine’s Hill down to Kellet Island (seen above the cluster of moored boats in the harbour), both sides of this cape were later reclaimed creating Causway Bay. The construction of the Cross Harbour Tunnel in 1972 lead to further reclamation that extended towards Kellet Island causing the cape and the island to be completely merged.

The Mountains in Kowloon are visible across the harbour with Kowloon Peak standing out at 1977 feet. Trading ships and military vessels from the Royal Navy China Squadron are also anchored in Victoria Harbour. Visible are believed to be the HMS Kent, HMS Minotaur and the white Flagship HMS Surprise with the "blue peter" hoisted signling that the ship is ready to set sail.

The video below zooms into these three naval vessels and parts of this feature print of the Hong Kong Panorama showing the vast amount of detail which just can’t be seen on the preview picture.

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