The George Hilton Panorama of Hong Kong

Circa 1904


The George Hilton Panorama of Hong Kong


This print of “The George Hilton Panorama” has been output using the latest technology available for high quality professional print making.

The inks used are archive quality and the print is output using the higest quality paper.

The panorama and smaller feature prints are available in a verity of sizes and can be produced up to three meters wide without image quality loss; such was the standard of the original photography of George Hilton.

The exceptional quality of all four original photographic images involved in this panoramic view of Hong Kong make this the definitive Hong Kong image.

The video below zooms into naval vessels and parts of this feature print indication the vast amount of detail which can’t be seen on the preview picture.

The George Hilton Panorama of Hong Kong is currently availble in 2 sizes:



20cm x 102cm
US$ 98
HK$ 760


30cm x 152cm
US$ 228
HK$ 1780


Custom sizes are availble upon request,

maximum image size: 70cm x 3300cm


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