The George Hilton Panorama of Hong Kong

Circa 1904

Kellet Island

This is a "feature print" of Kellet Island in Causeway Bay pictured above a cluster of moored boats. At the time this photo was taken the island was home to a Royal Navy Powder Magazine. It wasn’t until a little while after World War I when a group of rowers moved their club house onto the island establishing that the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club saw its beginnings there.

Kellet Island is now attached to Hong Kong island due to reclamation projects and the completion of the Cross Harbour Tunnel in 1972 creating Causway Bay and Wan Chai. Today the outline of Kellett Island has ceased to exist although the name has remained as has the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

The headland just above Kellet Island is North Point and across the harbour Black Hill can be seen in the distance.

The video below zooms into certain parts of this feature print from the Hong Kong Panorama which shows the vast amount of detail which just can’t be seen on the preview picture.

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