The George Hilton Panorama of Hong Kong

Circa 1904

City Hall

In the centre of this "feature print" lies the first City Hall of Hong Kong, built in 1869 and located at the current site of the new Hong Kong Shanghai bank (HSBC) head quarters. City Hall was designed by Maître Hermite, a French architect, in a magnificent renaissance style; it included a theater, a library, a museum and assembly rooms. A fountain was also located at the front of the Hall. At the time of construction this Hall was on the waterfront but as can be seen from this feature print, reclamation projects had already begun creating a park in front of City Hall where the Queen’s Statue can be seen.

The two buildings to the left of the park were Queen’s building and Prince's building which have both been rebuilt today yet still carry the same names.

The video below zooms into certain parts of this feature print from the Hong Kong Panorama which shows the vast amount of detail which can’t be seen on the preview picture.

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